Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today Apple Inc. has more cash than US government

New York: Now, Apple Inc. boss Mr. Steve Jobs is richer than US Government. While the world's most powerful government (US Government) has just 73.76 billion dollar in its reserves, the world's top technology company Apple has a neat cash pile of 75.87 billion dollar Thursday. The US Treasury Department Thursday warned that it has now only this much operating budget as Republicans and Democrats fight over raising the nation's debt ceiling. With only that much reserve at its disposal, US President Mr. Brack Obama White House has warned the Republicans that the US government won't be able to meet its obligations as of Aug 2.Facing a government default, US President Mr. Brack Obama can definitely turn to Steve Jobs to give him a very brief breathing space. The failure by the Republicans and Democrats to come to a compromise to raise the current 14.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling by Aug 2 could lead to a hike in interest rates. The already battered dollar may also plunge further.
With its market capitalization of 363.25 billion dollar, Apple Inc. is the second largest company on the planet after American oil giant Exxon Mobil. The Cupertino-based Apple started rising suddenly in 2007 when it entered the smart phone market with the launch of its first version of the iPhone.Within three years, Apple went on to overhaul Blackberry Company Research in Motion (RIM) which invented the smart phone and dominated the market. Now Apple is the number one supplier of Smartphones on planet after leaving Mobile giant Nokia and Samsung Behind.
Last year with the launch of the iPad tablet which has sold in millions, Apple got a huge success. In fact, the iPhone and the iPad have made Apple the giant of mobile computing technology as rivals play up catch-up. The stock of the company, which doesn't pay dividends, has now touched 400 dollar. After Apple, another non-financial company sitting on a huge cash reserve is Microsoft whose own worth is about 40 billion dollar.

Latest Nokia E6 Smartphone - Nokia E Series Smartphone

Nokia E6 is the Nokia's first candybar device to feature both a full QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. E6 is the first phone in the E series to run the latest flavor of Symbian and is also the first candybar in the series to come with an eight mega pixel camera. It is also choc-a-bloc with the usual E Series goodie, connectivity options galore (Wi-Fi,3G, GPS), easy e-mail set-up, and lots of bundled software, along with 8GB of internal memory (with support for a 32GB memory card) and a 2.44 inch display with an unusually high resolution for the size (640 x 480 pixels).
E6 is packed in a body that is definitely eye-catching. Nokia has clearly taken the best out of both the E71 and E72 in terms of looks, retaining metal accents on the front, a steel panel on the back, and serving up a spacious, four-row QWERTY keyboard (with a large spacebar, something we missed in the E72), in a frame that looks solid in spite of being just 10.5 mm thin. 
The 2.44 inch touch screen (capacitive, incidentally) of E6 might seem a bit small to some but it is just perfect for tasks like selecting items, hitting login buttons and scrolling through options or screens (you start out with four customizable home screens on which you can park application shortcuts and widgets). 
After improving the appearance of Symbian, the icons are more colorful and the interface itself is more touch-friendly. The browser has been improved significantly with support for tabs and better and faster page rendering, you can even scroll up and down by tapping the upper or lower part of the display. 
Nokia E6 has some excellent third-party software to sweeten the deal such as JoikuSpot, QuickOffice and the F-Secure security package. The bright display (326 ppi) is great for watching pictures and videos, call quality is very good, and battery lasts comfortably for a day and a half with widgets and mail in full cry. 
The eight mega pixel camera of E6 comes with no auto focus and has no dedicated hardware button either. While it does take some very good shots in daylight, it does not exactly excel when one gets up and close to our subjects. 

The display of E6 is a bit of a two-edged sword, the high-resolution and hundreds of pixels per inch make graphics look wonderfully bright and colorful but reading on it can sometimes become a strain, especially when you are online. Nokia has bundled a Font Magnifier package with the phone, but we still found ourselves zooming in and out quite often, which could be irritating given the small size of the display. 

Nokia E6 PRICE: Nokia E6 has amazing price just Rs 17,500, this has got to be the best value-for-money enterprise device we have seen for a while.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Apple and Samsung leave Nokia behind with sales of smartphones – Apple becomes the number one supplier of smartphones on Planet

Just four years after entering the market of smartphones with iphone in 2007, Apple became the No. 1 maker of smartphones on the planet. In the second quarter of 2011, Apple sold more smartphones than Nokia and Samsung. The cell phone market has changed a great deal in recent years, and company’s who used to rule the roost is now seeing their fortunes change. New manufactures have taken the lime light as tastes and technology changes. Recently released figures show that Apple and Samsung leave Nokia behind with sales of smartphones. After releasing the iPhone back in 2007 the company has seen massive unit sales which continue to increase. The company currently has an 18.5 percent share of the smartphone market, while Samsung were just behind on 17.5 percent. Cnet are reporting that according to Strategy Analytics Apple achieved this with sales of over 20 million iPhone’s. Samsung has seen big improvements in sales with sales of 19.2 million handsets which have been helped with the success of the Galaxy range of handsets. Nokia’s the former number one continues with the company seeing its market share falling from 38.1 percent a year ago to only 15.2 percent.
The smartphone market is continually changing, and during the past year the Finnish manufacturer Nokia has seen consumers turning their backs on the devices for more advanced operating systems from Apple and Android. Sales of Nokia's smartphones powered by Symbian operating systems started to plummet in February after the company's chief executive officer announced transition from Symbian platform to Windows Phone operating system. The drop off in sales has seen Nokia looking to the Microsoft and its Windows Phone operating system.
Apple is likely to continue its success with the release of the next iPhone in September, with a recent survey finding a high percent of consumers planning on picking one up. Samsung may have been top of the tree if the latest Galaxy S II handset had been available in the US. The handset has already proved to be a massive success in the places it is already available, and there is no reason why that can’t continue once it arrives. Samsung introduced its Galaxy S II flagship smartphone in May, 2011, and sold three million units of the device by early July. The model is available from more than 145 vendors in 120 countries. Nokia only introduced its N9 and Oro smartphones in Q2. The N9 is the first and the last and smartphone powered by MeeGo operating system. The handset sports impressive design and feature-set, but it will only become available in September, 2011, which means that it will face competition from loads of rivals, including Apple and Samsung. Nokia Oro is a smartphone in golden enclosure that is based on C7 low-cost smartphone platform from Nokia.
Around the world the smartphone market grew by an impressive 76 percent with 110 million handsets shipping. Apple managed to double its market share for all types of mobile phones to 5.6 percent in the second quarter. This was the biggest leap for any manufacturer, and kept Apple in fourth place overall.
Nokia were still top but saw its market share dropping to 24.2 percent from 33.8 last year; this position is mainly down to its entry level devices sold in emerging markets. Samsung are also successful selling more basic devices around the world and has the second biggest market share. The company did see its market share fall by a small amount as consumers moved away from Samsung’s cheaper handsets.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung Proxima Concept Phone with Wristwatch – Phone will never be lost(Samsung Mobile)

Samsung Proxima Concept Phone Project Slogan- “You will not lose your phone again.”

The concept of Proxima is designed by industrial designer Johan Loekito.

Samsung Proxima Phone Features - Wristwatch, Touch Screen, Texting and QWERTY keyboard

Samsung Proxima will be like a beautiful wristwatch. It will have a full touch screen as well as texting capabilities with a sliding down QWERTY keyboard. The full fledge QWERTY keypad for texting, which is really easy to handle with, for today’s youngsters. This feature is great for the teens to be in contact with their friends through texting.Samsung Proxima will also have Email.
Samsung Proxima has a wristband that helps you to keep your phone wrapped around your arm or wrist. If you still forget your phone, the wristband emits a lot of vibrations that increase while the distance increases. This device also allows the user to determine the contacts with the help of the proximity sensor. The detachable section has a feature to display a color e-paper and a dual OLED display. This small detached section can also be opened as a flip for text messages.
Samsung Proxima concept phone is an official device which comes with the wrist watch having different colors and styles. As we see today’s trends and fashion, this device perfectly suits for those people who are very fond of new trends and fashion styles. The watch will provide a descent and a graceful look to the people out there. The main advantage of this device is that for the people, who often misplace their cell phones, will never forget about their device because of the sensor’s alarm.